Got shirts or even a wedding dress for cleaning in Pismo Beach?

From shirts to wedding dresses, we clean it. These lists are only a portion of our full price list. If you require any other prices, feel free to call us or ask us in person! Please note that these are starting prices that may increase upon closer inspection.


Pants                                         $6.49

Shirt (Dry Clean)                        $6.49

Shirt (Launder)                           $2.99

Dress                                          $9.89

Blazer                                         $8.99

Sweater                                      $6.99

Two Piece Suit                          $14.99

Bedspread                                $29.95

Down Comforter                       $49.95

Wedding Dress                       $175.00


Shirt (cotton/polyester)              $2.99

Shirt (silk, rayon, wool)              $4.29

Pants                                           $4.29

Dress                                           $7.49

Two Piece Suit                           $11.99

Wedding Dress                          $79.95

Other services

Pants Hemming                      $13.95

Pants Taper                             $16.95

Shirt Hemming                        $14.95

Shirt Patch                                 $5.00

Blazer Sleeve Shorten             $29.95

Blazer Take In                         $34.95

Dress Elastic                            $18.95

Dress Zipper                            $24.95

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